1. Demand Letters
  1. Small Claims Court Cases
  2. Canyon Lake v Warrell, Phipps, Johnson
  3. Canyon Lake v Fiore Racobs
  4. Canyon Lake Special Investigation into Business Practices
  5. Embezzlement
  6. Dover Village v Jennison
  7. Battram v Thoms (Modoc 2014)
  1. Filing Complaints with State, Federal, Local Agencies
  3. Better Business Bureau Complaints
  4. State Board Investigates, Fines Unlicensed Contractor
  1. Senator Battin Letter on Quorum Issue
  2. Sen Battin Letter to Baydaline & Jacobsen re Their Marketing Letter on Elections
  3. Sunrise Assessment Services Payment Plan
  1. Internet Guide to Beating City Hall (Chapter V: Homeowner Associations)
  2. Nevada Executive Order Limiting Collection Costs
  3. Nevada Ombudsman Advisory on Collection Costs
  1. Small Claims Court (Continued)
  2. Common Questions & Answers About Filing in Small Claims Court: What You Need to Know – Part 2
  1. Political Free Speech in Homeowner Associations: The Impact of SB 407 on the 2018 Elections
  2. Using Small Claims Court: Understanding the Law
  3. Using Small Claims Court: Preparing and Presenting Your Case