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Join the hundreds of law firms, fair housing advocates, attorneys, and homeowners who make it possible for the Center to offer its services and to maintain the website. View the Center’s list of donors HERE.

Join as a Contributing Member — It’s worth the nominal investment!

The Center for California Homeowner Association Law (CCHAL) is a statewide 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting homeowners living in California associations. JOIN THIS CAMPAIGN TO PROTECT HOMEOWNERS!

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  • Access to CCHAL website pages on small claims court procedures
  • Access to a special area of the CCHAL website where small claims court lawsuits filed by homeowners have been posted.  These are successful small claims court suits challenging election results and getting access to HOA records.
  • A copy of the CD: “Filing in California Small Claims Court”
  • Small Claims Court: A Guide to its Practical Use, a booklet published by the California Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Sample complaints to the California State Bar and to the Better Business Bureau; legal opinion on HOA election laws from Orange County Legal Aid; sample payment plans forced on homeowners by HOA debt collectors; guides for filing suits in small claims court; fair housing court cases and complaints.  A detailed of documents that are currently available to Contributing Members is found at this LINK TO CONTRIBUTING MEMBER DOCUMENTS.  Members will be notified as new documents are added to the list.  
  • Chapter V from Todd Weinfield’s book: Internet Guide to Beating City Hall (and Homeowner Associations.  Posted on the website, the chapter includes model demand letters to use when writing an association board.)
  • Reduced rates at CCHAL workshops and conferences
  •   One-on-one problem-solving strategy consultation with CCHAL regarding a personal question or problem.

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