Links to Resources

  • Alameda County
  • Senior Legal Hotline
    A free legal service, by phone and email, for California seniors aged 60+. It seeks in particular to serve low-income seniors, although you do not have to be low-income to receive services. The Hotline has links to other services listed by California county.
  • National Association of Consumer Advocates
    To find a consumer attorney near you.
  • On the Commons
    A national weekly radio show hosted by Shu Bartholomew, who examines CID issues by interviewing stakeholders: industry spokesmen, homeowner advocates, legislators.  Her website has an archive of past interviews which can be heard on the Internet using MediaPlayer.
  • The California Channel
    C-Span for State Government.  This channel broadcasts many legislative and other public hearings.
  • The State Bar of California
    The State Bar of California hosts a website listing legal services for low-income persons. It also lists special events for the general public, for example, San Mateo Community Law Night on September 14. You can link from this page to a law librarian to ask a realtime question online.
  • National Democratic Institute
    The Institute works with democrats around the world to build civic and political organizations, to safeguard elections, and to promote citizen participation, openness, and accountability in government.
  • Oakland “Lawyers in the Library”
    Many public libraries offer “Lawyers in the Library” programs sponsored by county bar associations. Check with your local public library to see if a program is offered in your community.
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development
    A HUD counseling agency can help homeowners dealing with a debt collector, trustee or foreclosure.
  • CalAware
    Supports and defends open government, an inquiring press, and a citizenry that is free to exchange facts and opinions without fear of punishment or loss.
  • Community Dispute Resolution Programs
    Mediation programs provide an alternative method of resolving complaints without having to go to court. Through the mediation process, the individuals involved in a dispute work out their own solutions with the help of a mediator. The mediator does not enforce a decision on the individuals, but helps guide them in reaching a solution. Since the individuals involved in the dispute play active roles in resolving the program, they usually are comfortable and supportive of the solution.
  • [Online Members Only]  Nonprofit Resources For Homeowners And Renters
  • Finding a Lawyer

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