Examples of Complaints

Typical Complaints and the California Agencies that Process Them

Below are actual complaints documented by CCHAL and filed with the state agencies or local government.  Some of these complaints escalated into court cases; some became the subject of rulings from the California Courts of Appeal.   Some got extensive news coverage in the mainstream press, television, and social media. 

Q: “The property manager told me I can’t run for a board seat because I’m deaf and won’t be able to understand what’s going on at the meetings.  Is this legal?”

Q: “I have been trying for six months to get financial records from the association, but it ignores my written requests.  What agency has jurisdiction over this issue?”

Q: “We are paying a $145,000 special assessment per unit to repair our building.  We think the project manager is using unlicensed and unskilled laborers to do a lot of the work.  He may even be pocketing the difference between the bid amount and the actual costs.  What state agency will investigate?”

Q: “It’s possible that the property manager is embezzling the HOA bank accounts.  Who can we get to investigate?”

Q: “We think the developer isn’t paying assessments on the units he still owns so our own homeowner dues have gone up to cover operating costs.  Where can we file a complaint?”

Q: “Everybody but me got a ballot for the board election.  Where can I file a complaint?”

Q: “Sewage backed up into my kitchen sink and wrecked the floor.  I think the HOA got money from the insurance company to fix the plumbing, but the HOA won’t give me any of it to repair the floor.  Where can I file a complaint and get help?”

Q: “I own a condo in a brand new 58-story high rise, which has sunk 18 inches and tilted 14 inches.  Walls and windows are cracked — along with my investment.  Who’s going to fix this mess?”

Q: “I own a home in a 55+ community.  I got a letter from the board telling me to evict my under-55 caretaker who lives with me.  I refused.  Then the board demanded I give them my medical records, which they passed around at a meeting so directors could decide if I was really sick.  The whole situation is wrong. What agency can I file a complaint with?”

Q: “I’m disputing assessments, but can’t afford a lawyer.  Are there free or low-cost mediators to help me resolve this with the board and property manager?  The collection costs are piling up.”

Q: “My car got towed from association property.  I’m sure I was parked legally.  The towing company says I have to pay thousands of dollars to get my car out of hock.  Where do I file a complaint?”

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