Small Claims Court Q & A

Q: Which parties from a homeowner association can use small claims court?
Q: What is a “community service organization” (CSO)?
Q: Are there special forms to be used for association disputes filed in small claims?
Q: Are litigants – parties to the lawsuit — required to use Alternative Dispute Resolution
      (ADR) before suing in small claims?

Q: Are litigants required to take any other steps before suing in small claims?
Q: What issues can be brought into small claims court?
Q: To what extent can parties (“litigants”) in a small claims suit expect that judges, pro
     tem judges, and/or commissioners will be familiar with homeowner association law?

Q: Does the homeowner (litigant) understand the law and court procedures and who
      may be sued?

Q:  Will the court decide the case right away at the hearing?
Q:  Can the court’s decision be appealed?

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